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The Week the Roof Came Off

This is not a re-run of Hurricane Bawbag. After thirty years, the slates are breaking up, every wind lifts a few more, and rain and condensation is getting into the upstairs rooms, so we are having the front of our house re-roofed. There is noise and dust everywhere and I’m camping out in the kitchen…
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October 2, 2012 0

The Week of the Glasgow Weekend

I missed the trip to Flanders Moss which opened the Callander Weekend this year, so on the first day of the Glasgow Weekend, the Senior Partner and I went out there, taking advantage of what was possibly the best day of the lot. Other creatures seemed to think so too. The raised edges of the…
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September 24, 2012 0

The Week of the Harvest

The barley and wheat were harvested last week, and the garden went quiet as all the seed-eaters disappeared into the fields for spilt grain. Now the straw has been baled and the calves are browsing in the stubble. The first greylag and pink-footed geese have begun to fly in, the winter starlings are mustering in…
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September 18, 2012 0

The First Week of the Dig

Guard Archaeology, from Glasgow University, are digging in the field next to Cambuskenneth Abbey, and they very kindly allowed me to go in and talk to them. They are looking for traces of the Battle of Bannockburn, which isn’t too far away. It is said that survivors fled to the Abbey, so there might well…
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September 7, 2012 0

The Week of the Blue Moon

It’s been a quiet week here, as I get used to the routine of taking my grand-daughter to and from school, but there have been a few highlights! You can tell it’s autumn now the anemones are in flower. When I first saw this from the bedroom window on Saturday morning, I wondered who had…
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September 3, 2012 2

The Territory in August

We went away in summer, and it feels almost as if we have come back to autumn. It is mostly the illusion caused by the week’s gap, but not all. The rowans are red, the elderflower is over (it seemed to go on and on this year, and in England it is flowering yet), and…
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August 14, 2012 0

The Week of the Lavender

Four generations of us – my mother-in-law, my hsband and myself, our two daughters and our grand-daughter – went on holiday to North Yorkshire last week. (Our son is busy finishing his last hospital placement at the moment and he and his wife couldn’t be with us). It is a lovely part of the world…
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August 13, 2012 0

Air and Sunlight

Yesterday was the first good opportunity to get into the garden, and I spent a fair bit of time doing what my father would have called “letting the dog see the rabbit”. Everything was lush and wet and overgrown, and there is some serious mildew and rust because of all the damp. I cut back…
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July 25, 2012 2

The week of the Wetland Flowers

At the weekend we went with some friends to see the Falls of Leny at Callander. They were pretty spectacular after all the rain, as you can see. But the thing that made this trip was the sight of several flowers I’d never seen before. This one is cow wheat. It was everywhere. This one…
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July 17, 2012 3

Walking the Territory in June

June had its moments – between showers. This is British hogweed, not the giant Japanese stuff. It looks quite airy and delicate, and has nice seedheads in the autumn. There are whole stands of this stuff growing along the riverbank – It’s comfrey, a plant which is not only brilliant for gardeners, providing a potash-rich…
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July 4, 2012 0