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Why I Will (Probably) Vote Yes

Lawks! The debate round the White Paper for independence has been juvenile. “If the Bank of England is going to be the bank of last resort, they are going to want to control you, and how is that independence?” I think it might be the sort of independence an adult has with a credit card…
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November 27, 2013 2

Love Was His Meaning

According to my webhost’s statistics, there are quite a few readers of my essays on spirituality, (on the publications page) and several downloads. However, I noticed the the latest addition, my essays on the medieval mystic Julian of Norwich isn’t among them, and that was because I foolishly forgot to export it as a pdf.…
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September 29, 2013 0

The Flight From Understanding

Every so often I want to get on my high horse and rant about this, but here’s a guy who has done the job for me, back in 1957, without any of the slang and swearywords I’d have to edit out. Bernard Lonergan writes: For concrete situations give rise to insights which issue into policies…
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June 24, 2013 0

Coming into Flower

There’s a whole lot of progress and change going on in this territory. The herbs are full and lush, and sage and thyme are drying in the kitchen for the winter. The iris border has come magnificently into flower, all at once this time, instead of spreading itself out over a month. The lavenders I…
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June 12, 2013 0

New Blog Links

I’ve just added some new blogs to the list, following the Dark Mountain Weekend. Go check out, Graftage, The Poetry Pile, The Salt Road and Weaving Poetry – you won’t regret it!

May 14, 2013 0

StAnza Spring and Other Such Commotions

Back in January, I booked my tickets for the big events at StAnza, only to discover, three days later, that the Byre Theatre had gone into administration, and would close at once. What heroic efforts took place behind the scenes I do not know, but thanks to the team lead by Eleanor Livingstone – including…
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April 2, 2013 0

NaPoWriMo Day #2

It’s the second day of the NaPoWriMo challenge, and so far I’ve kept up. Yesterday’s poem Nettle Shirt is a bit shambolic to share, and anyway, as I think about how to fix it, new possibilities for development occur to me. Today’s however, is shorter, and closer to being a finished piece. Seems a bit…
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April 2, 2013 0

The Tentative Spring

Although it is now April the wind is still easterly and the temperature is low enough to deter gardeners. I have a lot of seeds waiting to go, but blimey, what’s the point? And yet — here are the first flowers in Lucy’s garden, so something’s happening! I have my first daffodils too. These are…
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April 1, 2013 0

Enough for Everyone

On Saturday we went to lobby our MP about the Enough Food If Campaign, run by a lot of charities in order to abolish economic and political practices which keep poor countries from being able to feed themselves. I got to it via one called Progressio which runs projects (including permaculture schemes for land reclamation)…
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March 18, 2013 0

Pause for Thought

I have finally accepted that life round here is getting the better of my good intentions, and there won’t be another post here until the week beginning 18th March. I’m hoping by then to have been to StAnza and made good progress judging the poems for the Red Squirrel competition. See you all later!

February 27, 2013 0