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The Adventure in Progress

For the next four months or so, the territory of rain is going to look like this. There are still leaves clinging to very sheltered trees, but not so many now. Teal, merganser and goldeneye are back on the river, and the sparrows are very quick to notice when I fill up the bird feeder.…
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November 17, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 37 – Honeysuckle

Isn’t this fabulous? It isn’t, needless to say, growing in my garden, but on a path near Ben Ledi, and it wasn’t taken this year, but in 2009, but it’s what I aspire to! Honeysuckle can be a bit of a thug in a hedge, growing wildly and twining everywhere and choking the life out…
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October 28, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 36 – Poppy

One poppy! But opium poppies seem to bloom like this – no matter how many plants you have, you mostly get one bloom at a  time, for months. There are, of course, many varieties of poppy – the red field poppy, which has long narrow seedpods, whose seeds don’t seem up to much, (though I…
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October 23, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 35 – Alecost

It’s a bit ragged now, and has had an attack of mildew which doesn’t add to its battered charms, but this is my row of alecost. This herb has a lot of other names some of which might be more familiar – costmary, sage o’bedlam, our lady’s mint, goosetongue, and one which comes from America…
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October 7, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 34 – Tarragon

From a small cutting taken this spring, my tarragon has grown into this: This is the French tarragon, which you are always told to ask for, rather than the Russian. Russian tarragon is hardier and can be grown from seed in this country, but has not the special distinctive taste which makes this herb so…
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September 30, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs week 33 – Marigold

Marigolds are such a cheerful herb. They’ll self seed everywhere, stand any amount of cold and bad weather, if they haven’t flowered, and there’s hardly a month when you can’t find a plant in flower somewhere. They like sunny open places, and the flowers turn towards the sun if they have a chance, but they…
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September 11, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 32 – Bergamot

This is magnificent, a cultivar called Fireball. It’s doing much better than any variety I’ve had before, which probably means we’ve had a better than average summer. Bergamot isn’t native, having been introduced from American (where it had the engaging name of swampweed) in the sixteenth century, but it’s been a favourite ever since, and…
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September 10, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs week 31- Oregano

This is the classic oregano in its autumn, bee-bothered splendour. It is tough as old boots, spreads itself around the garden like dandelions and will outcompete almost anything on the plot. But there are several other cultivars, which frankly, I can’t keep straight in my head.This one – the one with the pink flowers and…
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September 3, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 30 – Southernwood

This plant is hard to find in the jungle that is my rose bed. I should think it will need to come forward, between the roses, where it will get more light. It is one of those Mediterranean herbs with fine aromatic leaves that like poor dry soil and sulk in the wet. It doesn’t…
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August 20, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 29 – Borage

This was taken at Culross back in April, at a time when I was looking sideways at my garden wondering if I would have any borage at all this year. I need not have worried. This is what it looks like now.You can see some marigolds behind, struggling to breathe, and there are poppies in…
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July 30, 2014 0