Month: May 2014

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half a Hundred Herbs – Week 20 Iris

This is the plant that makes orris root, or at least it does in my house. It isn’t the true variety iris germanica var florentina, which is this one: which I photographed at Culross. It looks relatively scrawny and a bit pathetic compared with the germanica ones, but it is the real deal, with the…
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May 24, 2014 0

Two Books of Herb Poems

I got this through the post on Tuesday, a most beautiful book – Pharmapoetica by Chris McCabe and Maria Vlotides. It unfolds to show two conjoined booklets, one of Chris’ poems and the other of Maria’s herbal notes – very knowledgeable and witty – both illustrated by Maria’s beautiful photographs. It is published by Pedestrian…
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May 22, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 19 – Comfrey

This is the wild plant growing along the river bank, about ten minutes walk away, very lush and often full of bees. Comfrey has always been a much valued herb, with healing properties which sound nothing short of miraculous – it was considered good for burns, wounds, bruises and broken bones, and was given for…
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May 14, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs Week week 18 – Sage

We’re not quite here yet, but the flower buds are forming and I’m going to have to cut what I want for drying if I’m to follow the advice to cut before the flowers open. That is when the essential oils in the plant are at their strongest. If you look up sage in any…
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May 9, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs – The Gardens

I’m going to try and see as many herb gardens as I can while this project lasts, and I started this weekend with Culross. It’s steeply sloped and terraced, and packed into its small space are herbs, vegetables, fruit bushes and trees, cut flowers, bees and chickens. These are Scottish dumpies – no kidding, it’s…
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May 8, 2014 1