Month: March 2014

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Half a Hundred Herbs Week 12 – Chives

                             Here is a clump of chives, which I grew from (bought) seed when I wanted to increase the number of plants in the garden. and this is a clump descended from the plants I found here when we moved in over thirty years ago. They aren’t deprived or stunted, or in any way…
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March 31, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 11- Sweet Cicely

Or, as our local biodiversity group once unappetisingly referred to it, dog’s flourish. No wonder it didn’t get to be our county flower – instead we had the Scottish Dock. Honest. Meanwhile this delightful but rather pushy plant was cast aside. It looks lovely now, very delicate and ferny, vigorous and a bright light green…
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March 21, 2014 0

half a Hundred herbs Week 10 – Violets

  This is the single solitary violet in my garden this year. It is a lovely cultivar –  ‘Queen Charlotte’ – with a rich colour and a lovely scent, but it flowers sparsely. I have it in a more sympathetic place now, in the shade of a birch tree and a hazel hedge, to provide…
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March 19, 2014 2

Half a Hundred Herbs week 9 – Sorrel

Here is my sorrel plant, just bursting into new leaf. I thought it would like its situation especially after the wet winter we have had, but it seems a bit sluggish. The soil it is in is probably rather poor and stony, as at one time there was a set of steps here, and a…
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March 15, 2014 2

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 8 – Fennel

This is what the bronze fennel looks like just now, sprouting early, and getting ready to pump out leaves in a purple cloud, a fountain considerably taller than I am. It’s certainly a looker. In summer it will look like this: and in winter it looks spectacular covered in frost. Bees hoverflies and butterflies like…
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March 11, 2014 0

StAnza 2014

Wasn’t that a time! This year’s StAnza was one to remember. It is my opinion that this Festival always scores very highly on many fronts – the range and variety of events and poets attending, the reasonable ticket prices, the backup in terms of local accommodation and places to eat. It makes it a great…
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March 10, 2014 0

Into the Forest ed Mandy Haggith

Into the Forest This was one of my favourite Christmas presents! It is an anthology of poems about trees, inspired by and drawing on the work Mandy Haggith did as poet in residence in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanical Gardens in July 2013, and in keeping with her long-standing work in environmental conservation, she is donating royalties…
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March 4, 2014 0

My Writing Process Blog Tour

Thanks to Bridget Khursheed at PoetandGeek for inviting me to take part in this. Since last summer I’ve been watching the blog tour wind its way round the weird and wonderful poetry places I frequent, and now, it’s my turn. Here goes! 1) What am I working on? I’ve a couple of projects under way…
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March 3, 2014 0

Half a Hundred Herbs week 7 – Lemon Balm

  This is what my lemon balm looks like just now. It’s tough, scrawny, and just a little bit gallus, coming up this early in the year, with the prospect of some very cold weather still in store before we can be confident of the spring. It is one of the herbs that ‘have the…
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March 1, 2014 0