Month: December 2011

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Time For Renewal

After the winds came snow, and then more wind, then rain, and then frost. This snowman was the first of a family of snow people my husband made for our grand-daughter. Now we are getting ready for Christmas. We’ll be seeing all the children on Christmas Day, and then hopefully, going south for a family…
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December 20, 2011 3

Hurricane Bawbag

Ok there’s no snow. But do you see the greenhouse windows? Those two lower panes blew out. They went up, over the top of the greenhouse, and landed one here and one on top of the herbs. And they are completely undamaged. I have no idea how this could be possible. I’ve stacked them in…
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December 8, 2011 0

The Steel Garden by Lorna Waite

I am particularly interested in the links between landscape and languages and communities. It comes up in my work a fair bit – particularly poems like Goes Without Saying and the Eurydice sequence, (it will be all over the Territory of Rain poems too) and I dealt with the topic in my review of Christine…
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December 8, 2011 0

Frost and Fire

still winter evening seeds and gardeners pause, withdraw,frost outside, fire within

December 5, 2011 0

High Tide on the Forth

All the rain earlier this week has soaked the ground and caused the river to burst its banks. This isn’t the worst it’s ever been by a long way, but look how deep the water is around those trees. Life is fairly complicated right now. When you’re one of a large family and you marry…
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December 1, 2011 2