Month: November 2009

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The Creative Process

Here is a link to an article by Alan Jamieson on the process of writing. It is thoughtful, coherent demanding, encouraging, illuminating.Enjoy!

November 24, 2009 2

who was Arthur

a new twist on the King Arthur legend!

November 10, 2009 3

how not to write a ghazal

It shouldn’t be, but to me it often is, a surprise how the form of a poem shapes its content. A sonnet, as Don Paterson says, is just the shape and length of a particular kind of thought, a proposition which I have twice found to be the case. A villanelle, if it is to…
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November 9, 2009 2

the true and the sacred

This is an odd week. Last Saturday I went to the Radical Book Fair in Edinburgh, and then to a poetry workshop about the Persian poetic form the Ghazal. And then it was Halloween and on Sunday it was the Feast of All Saints. So I had planned to post about ghazals on Burnedthumb, and…
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November 5, 2009 2