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Lavender’s blue

Well, you’d think, wouldn’t you. But sometimes lavender can look like this – lavender stoechas, possibly ‘Avignon’ or this Which is lavender rosea, or this which is lavender alba. They are all flowering their lovely heads off, and I’ve taken cuttings. With luck there will be some to share with poets at the Callander Poetry… Read More »

Summer in the Garden

The gallica rose is in full bloom, but it is soaking wet. After a lovely fortnight, the summer is cold and rainy, and the whole garden is lush and dripping. The strawberries have all been eaten by the sparrows and starlings, but there are gooseberries and blackcurrants aplenty. The angelica is setting seeds in flower-heads… Read More »

Summer in the Territory of Rain

This is the new culinary patch, with chive flowers going over and the Greek oregano completely overwhelming the lemon thyme. The knot garden is beginning to show its potential a bit more. The santolina to the right and back has bushed up enormously and the blue hyssop is almost there. The southernwood and rosemary are… Read More »