Monthly Archives: September 2014

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 32 – Bergamot

This is magnificent, a cultivar called Fireball. It’s doing much better than any variety I’ve had before, which probably means we’ve had a better than average summer. Bergamot isn’t native, having been introduced from American (where it had the engaging name of swampweed) in the sixteenth century, but it’s been a favourite ever since, and… Read More »

Half a Hundred Herbs week 31- Oregano

This is the classic oregano in its autumn, bee-bothered splendour. It is tough as old boots, spreads itself around the garden like dandelions and will outcompete almost anything on the plot. But there are several other cultivars, which frankly, I can’t keep straight in my head.This one – the one with the pink flowers and… Read More »