Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Secret Herb Garden

This is where I went this morning. And though I remembered to take my camera, I forgot to take any photos! There aren’t any on this website either, because it’s still under construction, but on the facebook page,you’ll find many, including this, of the greenhouse – a lush and peaceful space full of edible flowers… Read More »

Bees in the Garden and the latest from The Herb Society

These are old pictures of bees on flowers in my garden. This year the bees are all on the sage plants, (see below) but although I tried to take photos they eluded me completely. It’s been a wonderful year for bumblebees – I looked up the useful identification guide on the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and… Read More »

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 23 – Horsetails

Horsetails Like horrible Christmas trees, a bristly foot-high net of pure silica. Their black roots thread the wet ground, invade neglected gardens, remind us by their dull persistence that they were here, with ferns and moss, before the trees and dinosaurs. They will not succumb to hoes and competition. They mean to outlive us all.… Read More »