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Dark Mountain Showcase at Wenlock Poetry Festival

On Saturday  26th April I will be taking part in this event: Dark Mountain Showcase The Dark Mountain Project is an international network of writers and artists with a radical vision, offering up stories for an age of environmental and social crisis.  This event, chaired by Nick Hunt and presenting Elizabeth Rimmer, Susan Richardson, Sophie… Read More »

Half a Hundred Herbs – Herbals

This was the state of play at the start of this project – Culpepper, Gerard, and nothing else avilable between the seventeenth century and the start of the twentieth when Mrs Grieve took on the mantle and revived herbalism as a healing practice – and frankly, for encyclopedic knowledge and scientific accuracy she’s hard to… Read More »

Half a Hundred Herbs – Week 13 Nettle

As the dandelions haven’t obliged, we move on to the nettle. Of course these little beauties have grown bigger since this photo was taken, but they are just coming into their own. Malevolent as they might seem – and I have known them sting through heavy duty leather gardening gloves –  I am doing more… Read More »