Monthly Archives: March 2014

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 12 – Chives

                             Here is a clump of chives, which I grew from (bought) seed when I wanted to increase the number of plants in the garden. and this is a clump descended from the plants I found here when we moved in over thirty years ago. They aren’t deprived or stunted, or in any way… Read More »

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 11- Sweet Cicely

Or, as our local biodiversity group once unappetisingly referred to it, dog’s flourish. No wonder it didn’t get to be our county flower – instead we had the Scottish Dock. Honest. Meanwhile this delightful but rather pushy plant was cast aside. It looks lovely now, very delicate and ferny, vigorous and a bright light green… Read More »

Half a Hundred Herbs Week 8 – Fennel

This is what the bronze fennel looks like just now, sprouting early, and getting ready to pump out leaves in a purple cloud, a fountain considerably taller than I am. It’s certainly a looker. In summer it will look like this: and in winter it looks spectacular covered in frost. Bees hoverflies and butterflies like… Read More »

StAnza 2014

Wasn’t that a time! This year’s StAnza was one to remember. It is my opinion that this Festival always scores very highly on many fronts – the range and variety of events and poets attending, the reasonable ticket prices, the backup in terms of local accommodation and places to eat. It makes it a great… Read More »