Monthly Archives: February 2011

Burned ThumbThe holy grail, distilled wisdom of all the world, slips sideways through the fingers of authority. Never mind the years of waiting, the great fish caught and gutted,the dragon trapped in the pit, the long simmered broth of herbs, it always goes astray. The poet is always that chance apprentice sucking his clumsy thumb,scarred,… Read More »

Penguin Book of Irish Poetry edited by Patrick Crotty

I set myself a reading challenge this year, to read three anthologies, of Irish poetry, American women poets and Chinese Rivers and Mountains poetry. And to back this up, I’ve chosen three individual poets, Neruda, Cavafy and Basho – partlybecause I like them so much, partly because their poetry is very different from mine. I… Read More »

Brides Chickens

Harbingers of spring,the sound of oystercatcherswhistling in the dark. We went up to the university last night to see Chico and Rita (not as good as the hype – showing nudity and drug-taking doesn’t make animation ‘adult’), and as we left the car park the air was full of the whistling of returning oyster-catchers. They… Read More »